The Value of a Franchise Partner — Not Just a “Supplier”

Real partners work together. Partnership is not a word we take lightly at ZORZEES. Partners have each other’s back. Partners understand that their relationship is mutually beneficial. And when you’re in a really good partnership, sometimes the niceties are dropped for brutally tough honesty. It makes the partnership better. We strive for that type of […]

Resolving Royalty Collection Problems in Franchising

Every franchisor has felt the stress and pressure that comes with royalty collection.  What should be an easy, regular business function for their franchise, often turns into a challenge.  However, there are ways to streamline the process, while saving time and money. Why is Royalty Collection Challenging? Difficult to Obtain Consistent Revenue Reports To calculate […]

ZORZEES 2022 – A Year In Review

Whew, 2022 was quite a year for ZORZEES. As we reflect on what our team accomplished this year, we begin first by thanking our clients who help shape our software platform. One such client, Prime IV Hydration & Wellness, found so much benefit that they named ZORZEES “Vendor Partner of the Year 2022.” Receiving this […]

How can Franchise Management Software Streamline my Business?

Being a franchisor is difficult.  Balancing the management of existing franchisees, onboarding new franchisees, and prospecting for future franchisees — it’s a lot to manage for a single team. Maybe your franchise system is growing to scale where a franchise management software package could help you manage all of these moving parts. What is Franchise […]

How a Franchise LMS Changes the Game

A Learning Management System (LMS) can be a game changer for any franchise, whether new or well established. Some emerging franchisors ask, “What is an LMS?” An LMS is an online platform that supports the management, automation, and delivery of educational content.  Basically, think of it as an online school for your franchise. Who benefits […]

The Importance of Sending the Correct Franchise Disclosure Document

Sending the correct Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) is a critical consideration of the franchise sales process. The consequences of sending the wrong FDD can range from prohibitions on selling further franchises to civil penalties, or even criminal prosecution. The process of sending FDDs has traditionally been manual, which allows for the potential of human error […]

Zorzees: An Origin Story

Five years ago my long-time friend Keely Newman called and asked if I would be interested in helping on the technology side of her new organic fast food restaurant. She was running three already open units that she owned with franchise agreements in place for another 10. Growth was about to explode. Managing three of […]