ZORZEES 2022 – A Year In Review

Whew, 2022 was quite a year for ZORZEES. As we reflect on what our team accomplished this year, we begin first by thanking our clients who help shape our software platform. One such client, Prime IV Hydration & Wellness, found so much benefit that they named ZORZEES “Vendor Partner of the Year 2022.” Receiving this honor from the leading drip IV hydration franchise in the country felt great and confirmed our client-first mentality is paying off.

On the technology front, significant enhancements to our platform now help clients close franchise sales even faster — sending SMS text messages through automated campaigns and collecting qualifying financial information from franchise sales prospects added automation to streamline sales.

We continued our security road map with plans to obtain 3rd-party certification for SOC-2 compliance, a must-have for technology companies selling into the enterprise. Finally, we integrated to additional P.O.S. systems to help calculate and collect our clients’ royalties, while improving the performance of our core technology platform, laying the foundation for our new interface, and releasing a number of product updates to strengthen existing functionality.

None of the improvements to our platform could be made without the tireless efforts of our Development and Client Success Teams. We thank Guillaume, Juliette, Vince, Donny, Trevor, Sabrina, Khai, and their teams for the hard work in 2022.

While 2022 has been exciting, 2023 will be the year franchises learn about ZORZEES entering the scene. As we expand our marketing efforts in 2023, we look forward to learning more about your franchise problems and how the ZORZEES platform can solve them.

We will see you at industry events in 2023.

David Glines