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Construction / Build-Out

Once a lease is signed, the process of managing the entire store build-out can be automated through the Zorzees Construction / Build-Out module. The system essentially acts as a virtual workroom or simple project management system for each store. Here, photographs, milestones, alerts, equipment warranties, deadlines, tasks and many other pieces of information come together so any person involved in managing the construction of a new store can access what they need.

Main Features

  1. New Location Start-Up (capture basic information)
  2. Build-Out/Construction
  3. Asset/Equipment Manager

Online Training (Franchise LMS)

Zorzees’s video training capabilities enables franchisors to publish videos inside the system as well as on clients’ “jobs” page. This makes it very easy for new workers to be trained without receiving full access to the Zorzees system. The training password for the public-facing training page can change at clients’ preferred intervals.

Real Estate / Leasing

The Zorzees Leasing and Real Estate module provides franchisors, franchisees and third-party real estate agents a way to centralize and manage documents and data related to the real estate search process. This includes uploading site brochures and photographs of potential locations, or managing leases and contracts for signed deals. The module comes with standard data fields, and each Zorzees client can add custom data fields throughout the module. All terms of the lease are stored as searchable data fields in this module, and the lease documents are stored in the system as well with landlord information.

To assist franchisors and area reps in managing the construction of their stores, the module also includes “start-up” and “build-out” features for managing roll-out dates/milestones, store equipment, warranties, distributors and deadlines for every aspect of the store construction.

Unique in the industry, the module can include a public-facing website feature where the data from the stores can publish automatically on the client’s website (on a subdomain of their main Sell more, fasterwebsite) — both open stores and stores coming soon. It saves Operations and Marketing teams time by preventing the “double-entering” of any data. Note that in order to see the location of the store on the map, the store’s closing address, city and state are required.

The real estate module also supports the entire site review process — from reviewing a number of sites for a single store, to signing a lease, building out the store, and even closing that store. Each store can have multiple locations while franchisees consider which land they want to use for the store.

Main Features

  1. Real Estate Manager
  2. Upload Site Brochures & Demographic Information
  3. Photograph Upload/Storage
  4. Lease Manager
  5. Terms Manager
  6. Lease Expiration Alerts


Franchisees are always looking for new employees. With the Zorzees recruiting module, franchisors can create a list of jobs that appear for all stores or for specific stores. Candidates can then select, apply and upload a resume for that job, at which point the franchisees and area reps can elect to receive an email alert. Area reps and franchisees can also add more job descriptions for their areas or stores. As the franchise expands with new stores, those stores are automatically added to the public website when they open within 3 weeks of the open date, or earlier if the store owner chooses. If a franchisee is electing to use a third-party applicant tracking system (ATS), the system provides the ability to direct candidates directly to the store’s ATS of choice when the job/store is selected.

Main Features

  1. Public-Facing Job Posts
  2. Candidates Apply for Job Online Triggering Alerts
  3. Candidate Database Created Automatically

Store Opener

In the Store Opener module, set specific alerts, communications, marekting announcements, and other critical to-dos in a designated area so that nothing is missed during the critical opening week. When used as a part of the Build-Out / Construction module, the Store Opener is the culmination of a typically month-long process building up to this moment. The Zorzees Store Opener module helps makes sure nothing goes wrong.

Main Features

  1. Operations Management
  2. Video Training
  3. Dokshop Single-Signon Integration

Streamlined Communication

Core to the Zorzees platform is a set of standard alerts where franchisors, franchisees, prospects, vendors or any other user role can be notified when a change is made, or a deadline is approaching or has passed. This is perfect for being notified proactively that a prospect just completed their 14-day waiting period, or if an open date has changed on a store. The entire team is proactively made aware through pushed email notifications. Addition alerts such as 90 days before lease termination prevent potentially catastrophic issues for franchisors and franchisees.

Main Features

  1. Robust Configurable Alerts
  2. Open Countdown Alerts
  3. New Document Uploaded Alerts
  4. Company News
  5. Prospect Alerts
  6. Alerts for Data Changes

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