How a Franchise LMS Changes the Game

A Learning Management System (LMS) can be a game changer for any franchise, whether new or well established. Some emerging franchisors ask, “What is an LMS?” An LMS is an online platform that supports the management, automation, and delivery of educational content.  Basically, think of it as an online school for your franchise.

Who benefits from implementing an LMS?

An LMS can benefit every role or user in a franchise organization from the franchisor all the way down to the employees hired by franchisees.

Managers and Employees

Whenever a manager or employee is hired, they can be provided a personal account to the LMS where pre-loaded courses, appropriate for their role and unit, are automatically available.

These courses can range from policies and procedure, health and safety, ethics, customer service, or sales – anything they might need to know to be successful in their role and ensure consistency across the franchise brand. The goal here is to ensure consistency and compliance across your end customer’s experience. By ensuring everyone in the franchise is taught from the same principles with the exact same content, you can rest assured that your brand experience is consistent.

As the user completes the course in the LMS, their progress can be tracked to ensure completion. Once a course (and any related quizzes) is complete, the user receives a certificate of their achievement.


Content specific to Franchisees can be designed and delivered within the LMS.  This may include anything from how to onboard as a new franchisee, understanding the values of the brand, how to use the franchise-required software tools, or how to build-out and operate their unit.  As with Employees and Managers, their progress and success can be tracked by the Franchisor and their Area Representatives.

Area Representatives

In addition to the courses for Franchisees, which may also be appropriate for area representatives, a franchisor may want their area representatives to complete additional training on how to market and sell franchises within their territory, as well as how to manage their franchisees.  All of these courses can be included, and made available to the area representatives, within the LMS.


The Franchisor can manage the entire learning system, from creating new courses to tracking progress, directly through the LMS.

How does the Zorzees LMS add value to our franchise clients?

The Zorzees Franchise Management software platform includes a customized LMS for all clients.  Franchisors can use our tools to create an unlimited number of courses, each including various lessons, topics, and quizzes.  Customization means the LMS will be consistent with the franchise’s brand, including logos and color scheme.

And our clients need help designing engaging course content, the Zorzees educational consultants can be hired to design a course for you. Our approach to online learning follows a micro-learning approach, where lengthy pages of information is never loaded into the courses. Courses designed by Zorzees are highly interactive, ensuring that learners are engaged from the moment they click “Begin Course.”

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