Royalty and Fee Management

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Royalty management, including calculating and collecting royalties and fees, can require significant time on the part of the Franchisor, or paying for additional resources like bookkeepers and administrative assistants.  Zorzees makes it easy.

How It Works

The Zorzees platform is integrated with many of the leading POS systems, and can be set up to automatically calculate royalties for every franchise unit.  Zorzees makes royalty management easy!  Other fees required by the FDD, such as technology fees, marketing fees, etc., can also be set out in the Zorzees platform.  ACH capabilities (available at a low additional cost) then allow royalties and fees to be automatically transferred from Franchisees to the Franchisor or Master Franchisee/Area Representative.  Amounts and frequency are fully customizable.

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Schedule a 15-Minute Demo