The Value of a Franchise Partner — Not Just a “Supplier”

Real partners work together.

Partnership is not a word we take lightly at ZORZEES. Partners have each other’s back. Partners understand that their relationship is mutually beneficial. And when you’re in a really good partnership, sometimes the niceties are dropped for brutally tough honesty. It makes the partnership better. We strive for that type of relationship with each of our clients — where honesty helps us craft a better product.

A recent example of client feedback helping us create a better product is our recruiting module. For years the Recruiting module in our platform has provided the ability for franchisors and franchisees to post available jobs at franchised units. It helps franchisees accumulate a database of potential job candidates to be filled immediately or months down the road. While heavily used, it’s always been a fairly thin feature on the website for the job candidate. The candidate selects the state, specific location and job title for which they are interested in applying. Then the candidate fills out the form and applies.

This has worked great for years. But a client recently pointed out that we didn’t include standard job description fields like the job summary, job responsibilities and job qualifications. What a great idea! It’s simple for us to develop this feature, and we developed it quickly. It was just something we overlooked for so long as the module was “doing the job.” Now, the Recruiting module isn’t just doing the job, it’s expected to do a great job. Our client will receive more qualified candidates because the candidates will know exactly what is expected of them prior to applying.

We have countless examples like this where the ZORZEES platform is enhanced based on direct client feedback. With snappier performance, a killer new software interface, and loads of features on deck for 2023, we thank you for seeding and confirming our product ideas. Your provide the ideas, and we will develop them. Real partners work together.

Thank you for your continued feedback. We hear you.

David Glines