Zorzees Named “Vendor Partner of the Year 2022” by Prime IV Hydration & Wellness

It’s an exciting time for Zorzees. The company was just named “Vendor Partner of the Year 2022” by the leading drip IV provider in the country, Prime IV Hydration & Wellness. Announced at Prime IV’s award ceremony and gala in Cancun, Mexico, the Vendor of the Year Award was given to Zorzees for the exceptional quality of its cloud software product for managing a franchise. Zorzees CEO David Glines accepted the award on behalf of the company.

“Prime IV implemented Zorzees as its franchise management software at unit number one,” said David Glines. “Since that time — and in less than two years — Prime now has more than 140 franchise agreements, 50 open units, and many more on the way. Prime’s growth trajectory is the envy of franchisors across industries. We are honored to be selected as Prime’s Vendor Partner of the Year from among all of the exceptional vendors, and are excited about our commitment to Prime IV’s franchising journey in the years ahead.”

Named the “Primey’s” the award reception culminated a two-day franchise conference hosted by Prime IV. The conference and award ceremony are set to be an annual event.

“From distributing our FDD digitally to its exemplary communication system, the Zorzees software makes the complicated process of running our franchise as easy as one can hope for,” said Steve Neary, head of Business Development. “We private-labeled our installation of Zorzees and named it ‘PrimeLink,’ giving our users powerful software system that looks and feels like the Prime IV brand — not just another piece of software.”

About Zorzees

An early stage company, Zorzees provides an end-to-end franchise management software solution for both emerging and established franchise brands. From digitally managing FDD distribution to calculating/collecting royalties via ACH payments, Zorzees takes work off franchisors’ plates. By automating mundane tasks and eliminating unnecessary multiple software systems, Zorzees gives franchisors the technology they need to grow rapidly and maintain franchisee compliance. Franchisees love their online courses, and franchisors/area developers love their views across the entire franchise.