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Operations Management

In the Operations module, a corporate office can store centralized documents such as marketing programs, training materials, audit documents, or any other document. One of the main benefits of this module is that franchisees can be notified via email any time one of the documents is updated, so they always are made aware when something has changed. Franchisors will hear no more “I didn’t know there was a new one” comments.

Site Inspections

Keep your franchise stores 100% compliant by launching site inspections in real-time directly from The One Platform. First, create your first inspection in the platform by either selecting one of our templates, uploading your own questions via spreadsheet, or adding them directly through the interface. Then, choose what you want the the “passing” percentage to be for the inspection. When it’s time to evaluate a store, your on-site team can record videos and snap photos directly from screens designed specifically for a mobile device, with these files attaching directly to the inspection. No one can question the findings as the documentation is preserved in The One Platform. Create an itemized action list for each inspection and include required implementation dates for each item. As the date approaches, automatic email alerts are sent to the franchisee or store manager reminding them of the deadline. The One Platform Site Inspection module essentially runs all of the inspection follow-ups for you.

Royalty Rates

Keeping track of different royalty rates — especially when they can change based upon a schedule — can be difficult when serving multiple franchisees. Zorzees’s Royalty Rates module lets franchisors and area reps set a royalty rate schedule by store. When the module is used with the Revel Sales Report module, the royalty rate is used to calculate the royalty amount for each store on a weekly basis — right inside Zorzees.

Main Features

  1. Integrated POS Reports Per Unit and Area
  2. Tiered Royalty Rates by Dates

Revel Sales Reports

By integrating with the API from Revel POS, Zorzees can pull sales information for each store directly into the system, saving users time since they don’t have to bounce from one system to another. When combined with the Royalty Rates module, royalties can be calculated by Zorzees on a weekly basis.

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