How can Franchise Management Software Streamline my Business?

Being a franchisor is difficult.  Balancing the management of existing franchisees, onboarding new franchisees, and prospecting for future franchisees — it’s a lot to manage for a single team. Maybe your franchise system is growing to scale where a franchise management software package could help you manage all of these moving parts.

What is Franchise Management Software?

The first step is explaining what franchise management software is, and what it’s not.

Fundamentally, franchise management software is a set of efficiency tools that allows franchisors to manage various functions of their business.  It typically contains some or all of the following functionality:

  • A client relationship management (CRM) tool to manage the franchise sales process
  • FDD e-receipt management and tracking
  • Tools to manage the onboarding and build-out of a new franchisee unit, such as a leasing or construction tracking tool
  • A central repository for crucial documentation (training materials, marketing materials, etc.)
  • A Learning Management System (LMS) to provide training to area representatives, franchisees, employees, and any other role in the franchise system
  • A royalty calculation and tracking tool

One thing that a franchise management software is not, is a generic, one-size-fits-all, “productivity” tool. These types of systems have tons of features you’ll never use – or probably are missing the franchise-specific features you need.  Franchise management software is designed specifically for the franchise industry, to help growing and established franchisors manage their business through automation.  Beware any software providers that don’t specialize in working with franchisors, or don’t have extensive knowledge of the franchise industry.

How does Franchise Management Software Benefit your Business?

Taking advantage of the tools listed above can greatly improve the efficiency of both the franchise sales process and the franchise management functions of your business.

The CRM in franchise management software handles the franchise sales process, making sure no lead gets lost.  FDD management functionality inclusive of FDD e-receipts helps prevent legal hiccups.  Management tools and document repositories provide a single location where franchisors, area representatives, and franchisees can go to collaborate.  An LMS provides a training portal not just for area representatives and franchisees, but for their employees as well.  And finally, royalty calculation and tracking streamlines the financial relationship between the franchisor and their entire network. It automates accounting tasks that can be error prone and quickly suck a franchisor’s time away from focusing on more important parts of their business. Accountants can spend days calculating/collecting royalties and fees, when software can automate this process and in milliseconds.

With the best franchise management software, all of these features are available in one place, with one login.  Rather than managing various spreadsheets, lists, documents, and files, which may be on different computers and in different locations, all that information can be available within the franchise management software package.

Zorzees Franchise Management Software

The Zorzees cloud-based franchise management software platform provides all of the functionality described above, and more.

  • The Zorzees CRM can be used stand-alone, integrated to an existing website or landing page, or linked to in a digital marketing campaign to efficiently manage lead flow
  • The Zorzees FDD manager can include an unlimited number of FDDs, and automatically manages expiration dates and location constraints to make sure the right FDD is sent to the right prospect, and the e-receipt and waiting period are controlled
  • The Zorzees document repository can include documents, images, links, videos, and other files, so all your franchisees and area representatives can access the information they need, anytime, from anywhere
  • The Zorzees Leasing and Construction manager tracks and manages the build out of new franchise units in a centralized location
  • The Zorzees LMS allows customized courses and tracks individual progress, so training will never be an issue again
  • The Zorzees royalty management system can be integrated to your POS system, and not only calculate royalties and other payments, but even initiate the ACH transfer so you’re never chasing a payment again

Get all this with a single franchise management software tool from Zorzees.  Click here to schedule a demo.