Learning Management System

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The Zorzees Learning Management System (LMS) delivers franchisors one of the most critical factors for success in growing their franchise: streamlined online training. It’s a centralized learning center where franchisors can create courses, and any member of the franchise system can enroll in a course.

How It Works

Once a franchisor awards a franchise in the Zorzees platform, the platform automatically emails the new franchisee a “Welcome” email providing instructions on how to log into the system. After logging in, the new learner now accesses a lists of online courses applicable to their role. Franchisees only see franchisee courses, employees only see their courses, store managers see their courses, and more.

As an LMS learner advances from course to course, the system tracks every lesson, topic and quiz completed by the learner, providing detailed reporting in the exact status of every learner in the system. It’s easy for franchisors to monitor the progress of anyone in the franchise system.

Course Creation

Zorzees offers course creation services, where our education experts can transform the Franchisor’s training materials into interactive, fun courses, delivered on the Zorzees LMS.  Alternatively, we will also provide Franchisors all the tools and directions they need so that they can create courses themselves on the platform.  Courses can be as simple or complex as a Franchisor desires with Zorzees emphasizing the success of the micro learning model, where information is broken down into bite sized chunks.

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