All-e FDD Manager

The Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) is an essential component of franchising a business, and managing the FDD Receipt process has often been a time consuming challenge with the added risk of mis-placing a receipt.  Zorzees solves these challenges, with an All-e FDD Manager, a standard feature in the Zorzees platform for all Franchisor.

How It Works

Franchisors, or Master Franchisees/Area Representatives, can send FDDs directly from the Zorzees platform.  The prospect will then be prompted to set a passphrase and log in.  On the platform, they will be able to access a customizable NDA and the location-appropriate FDD.  After reviewing, the prospect can e-sign the FDD Receipt, which is emailed to the prospect, the Franchisor, and the Master/AR (if applicable) as well as saved on the platform.  This functionality saves clients time, reduces administrative workload, minimizes liability, and allows Zorzees’ clients to focus on building their business.

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