After helping create and sell a successful restaurant franchise brand with more than 100 franchise agreements, franchisors created Zorzees in 2018 to help other franchisors experience the same success: manage a growing franchise.

When looking at other products in the franchise software market, the Zorzees team observed the competitors’ software products had a few problems. The user experience of their products for both franchisors and franchisees was a bit clunky. The systems were bloated with irrelevant features. And, importantly, the software was expensive.

Zorzees solved these problems by designing a cloud franchising system using modern technologies and product development methodologies. By simplifying the product and creating must-have features for clients, the team focused on solving the most painful problems for franchisors and franchisees — while always keeping a graceful and elegant approach to the user experience.

The resulting technology is a fully integrated cloud franchising system so franchisors can:

  1. Sell more franchise units
  2. Open stores more quickly
  3. Increase sales for open stores