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Customer Feedback

Knowing what end customers think is critical to running a smooth operation. With the Customer Feedback module, in-store customers enter their feedback on store-mounted iPad minis enclosed in secure cases. Customers rank their likelihood to recommend the store on a 1-10 scale, can subscribe to an email newsletter, check what they ordered, and enter comments/feedback about their experience. Each store appears on the list for the store owner to choose once the store is within 3 weeks of opening.

Main Features

  1. In-Store Customer Feedback Collection (iPads)
  2. Central Repository of Net Promoter Scores by Unit

Online Marketing (SEO/Social)

Unique in the industry, the module can include a public-facing website feature where the data from the stores can publish automatically on the client’s website (on a subdomain of their main website) — both open stores and stores coming soon. It saves Operations and Marketing teams time by preventing the “double-entering” of any data. Note that in order to see the location of the store on the map, the store’s closing address, city and state are required.

Main Features

  1. Fully SEO’d Public-Facing Web Pages for Every Local Store
  2. Social Media Feed Integration
  3. Search-Friendly Local Store Pages
  4. Customer Testimonials
  5. National Marketing Messages

Local Store Marketing

In the Zorzees One Platform, franchisees have a centralized location for all of their corporate marketing communications, programs and more. Once uploaded by corporate, the “New” indicators automatically showcase the newest marketing messages so franchisees can make sure their efforts are not out of date.

Want to give Zorzees a try? Send us a sample file of your store or contact information, and we will create a demo version of Zorzees using your store data.

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