Leasing & Construction Manager

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Leasing Manager

Once a new franchisee has signed on, one of the most important next steps is finding a great location for their unit.  The Zorzees platform allows Franchisees (and their Franchisor/Master Franchisee/Area Representative) to keep track of all unit location information, including LOIs, leases, photographs, equipment, construction information, and signage all in one place on the Zorzees platform.  As potential locations are considered, the franchisee (or commercial real estate agent) can add locations to the platform, along with supporting documents.  The Franchisor (or Master Franchisee/Area Representative) can review proposed locations, and provide required approvals.

Once a location has been selected, that location can be automatically added as “Coming Soon” on the public website, using the Zorzees location map (included at no additional cost).  Then the fun can begin, getting the new location ready to open!

Build-Out Manager

The Zorzees platform also allows our clients to track and manage the entire construction/build-out of each franchise unit.  Comprehensive checklists keep track of important details such as permits, signage, leases, construction deadlines and milestones, and much more.  Notes can be added, and photos and other files uploaded to the Zorzees platform.  This allows constant communication and a single source of data between the Franchisor (or Master Franchisee/Area Representative) and the Franchisee.  Miscommunications and delays can be significantly reduced by using the Zorzees platform throughout the build-out process.

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