ADA Compliance for Franchises

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Is your brand compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)? Fines for websites, emails, or software lacking compliance with the ADA can extend beyond $250,000 — a crippling cost to emerging franchise brands. Issues such as not accounting for website visitors who may be blind or color blind can cause large issues for brands, not to mention limit you from reaching all potential customers for your brands.

How Zorzees Can Help

The Zorzees development team is certified in Advanced Web Accessibility Training for Developers to audit, code and remediation techniques according to WCAG 2.1 AA Criteria. What this means is that Zorzees can first evaluate the level of compliance with the ADA for your brand’s digital assets such as your public website. After receiving the results of our compliance audit, we can then provide the development services to correct each of these issues or work with your Web development team to ensure each issue is resolved.

These services provide you the assurance that you can avoid the costly fines with not complying with the ADA. Keep in mind that law firms today are proactively looking for brands with non-compliant websites as a way to generate revenue into their firms. Getting in front of this risk can avoid costly issues.

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