We were in your shoes. We created, owned and grew a single brand to more than a hundred franchise agreements. We successfully sold that concept to a larger brand management company. Along the way, we built cloud franchising software to address business challenges, from selling more franchises to recruiting workers for stores, and collecting royalties from franchisees.

Now, we help entrepreneurs and brand leaders like you expand your concept into a larger franchise. Our model for growth centers around our software platform, a SaaS product we built from the ground up to specifically serve the franchise industry. It is a cloud franchise software system that simplifies the end-to-end franchising process. When clients like you begin using Zorzees, they embrace our pay-as-you-grow model. As you sign new franchise agreements, your platform expands. After you onboard with Zorzees, you only pay for what you use.

Zorzees includes everything you expect in franchise management software: a CRM to turn new prospects into franchisees, a project management system so stores open on time, push communication alerts, financial integrations, and everything in between. If passion is the heart of your brand, then Zorzees empowers you to channel that passion into business growth. It simplifies the complex franchising process.