Established Franchise Brands

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Whether a franchise has 2 units, 25 units, 100 units or 1,000 units, the ZORZEES platform can help!

Funnel Management

As an established franchise brand, efficient funnel organization is crucial to managing franchise sales and regulatory compliance.  The ZORZEES CRM and FDD manager, with proprietary e-receipt capabilities, ensure that the sales funnel can be managed effectively, regardless of the size of the organization.

Consolidated Information

As an organization grows, maintaining consistency across all territories becomes an increasing challenge.  On the ZORZEES platform, all information is consolidated in a single cloud-based portal, easily accessible by all corporate users, Master Franchisees/Area Representatives, Franchisees, and even Employees.  Whether they are managing their own sales funnels, leading the build-out of their new franchise unit, looking for operating or marketing information, or taking training courses – it can all be found on their ZORZEES platform.

Ease of Onboarding

Even for clients with a large list of existing franchise units, Master Franchisees/Area Representatives, Franchisees, and Employees, onboarding to the ZORZEES platform is easy.  ZORZEES onboarding specialists will help every step of the way, as well as provide live training sessions for the entire team, so that our client’s are up and running with the platform as quickly as possible.  And if there are any questions, our knowledgeable support specialists are always available.


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