Zorzees Version 2.22

Our second release of the year brings a number of subtle enhancements to our panels to make saving data faster and easier. Additionally, we’ve set the stage for clients managing and configuring their own core notifications and the building blocks for Resources 2.0, a set of features which will provide one of the most requested features from all users — search across resources. This is feature is around the corner! Additionally release 2.22 provides a number of bug fixes.

Core Product Offering

  • Features / Enhancements
    1. Saving data in our panels for units and users is now faster.
    2. Implemented a number of small interface enhancements.
  • Bug Fixes
    1. Fixed bug when scrolling quickly on resource pages.
    2. Fixed issue where default home page was not saved correctly in some use cases.
    3. Fixed issue where panel was requiring open/close x2.
    4. Fixed issue where 2nd units were billed as first units.
    5. Fixed icon on second row issue.
Find + Sell 
  1. Features
    1. Now provide ability to implement “blank” email templates without client branding, if desired.
    2. Added new “Current / Not Current” flag on FDD’s list to quickly scan approved areas.
    3. Users now directly open the Application panel in the panel when clicking “View Application”
    4. Re-added feature to block all FDDs when an federally amended FDD is released.
  2. Bug Fixes
    1. Implemented small interface changes to fix button states.
    2. Fixed issue where counts by Lead Source were coming up as blank.
    3. Fixed issue causing error when FDDs were trashed.
    4. View Application button now working on SMS reply emails
Build + Open:
  1. Bug Fixes
    1. Online courses can now be set to expire after 365 days of the learner earning their certificate, making it much easier for administrators since they do not have to reassign required courses.
Operate + Inspect
  1. Bug Fixes
    1. Fixed issue where users were not being taken directly to the Resource page when clicking the link from the email.
Grow + Earn
  1. Features
    1. Improved performance when loading default ACH transactions from Payments report.
  2. Bugs
    1. Fixed minor bug where bank accounts could not be added in some edge cases after Plaid authentication.