Zorzees Version 2.21

Our product development team has been heads down over the past year with major updates behind the scenes to our technology stack. We are very excited to roll these benefits out to ensure an fast, expedited experience for all of our users. Enjoy!

Core Product Enhancements

  • Major performance enhancements included in this release to expedite the saving of data.
  • Made it easier to manage panel entries by enhancing our messaging around form errors.
  • Improved layout for lists in content.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix issue where overall History log is not showing up for admins.
  • Fixed critical error when saving profile.
  • Fixed royalty automation timing that was not working in some use cases.
  • Fixed issue where no Area of Interest is selected when lead is parsed if Area of Interest is not set.
  • Fixed issue where unit page was not showing in some cases.
Find + Sell 
  1. Features
    1. Made Calendly links hyperlinked instead of just displayed.
  2. Bug Fixes
    1. Fixed issue where Commissions were not updating in some use cases.
    2. Fixed issue where ACH statuses were not correct for manually initiated transactions.
    3. Fixed issues where extra meta data was not parsing for all LeadPPC leads
    4. Fixed issue where some SMS messages were not logging in history.
Build + Open:
  1. Bug Fixes
    1. Fixed issue where “New” indicator was not showing up correctly on resource pages.
    2. Fixed issue where resources were missing the date the link was added (now uses date the page was updated).
    3. Fixed issue where create/select location and add New not listing the locations.
Operate + Inspect
  1. Features
    1. Added quiz scores on exportable reports for courses and lessons, to provide further granularity in addition to seeing scores on learners’ profiles.