Zorzees Version 2.14.1

Over the coming weeks we expect a number of rapid releases as we fine-tune performance of our backend systems and increase our product speed. There’s no reason to hold back these benefits from all of you!

Core Product Enhancements

  • Performance improvements: Backend changes to optimize updating data in the product.
  • For clients utilizing the Unit Name field, this field is now accessible as a linked column on our main reporting screens. It will take you directly to that unit’s information: deal, timelines, checklists, deadlines… you name it!

Operate + Inspect

  • Removed the limit on adding employees and managers for our training modules. Now, it’s unlimited learners for every unit.

Bug Fixes

  • First + last name was missing in some cases on the Contacts tab in reporting.
  • Pinning columns in reporting was not failing gracefully — now looks good when client data is not populated.
  • Fixed issue where MS Edge was not allowing employees to be added to Staff page.