Zorzees Version 2.14

These are exciting times in the remote offices of Zorzees these days as our team works tirelessly to bring the next iteration of our platform to life. Our new interface is bound to save users plenty of timing managing their franchise information, and we’ve been able to include a few extra features in other modules as well. Version 2.14 released today includes minor enhancements:

Core Product Enhancements

  • Enhanced the Billing section to provide additional information about our monthly services to our clients.
  • The Request Appointment functionality is enhanced to capture 10 more fields for brands looking to give their franchisees a way to pull in end customer prospects.

Franchise + Sell

  • Clients using the beta version of our panels can now send the FDD directly from the panel!

Build + Open

  • Recruiting module now includes fields for job summary, responsibilities/duties, and qualifications/skills.
  • Recruiting module now includes configurable fields for catching additional candidate information from job candidates.

Grow + Earn

  • The performance on initiating one-time ACH transactions is dramatically improved.

Bug Fixes

  • Saving new social profiles was temporarily disabled and can now be saved again.
  • The performance on the Reporting page when searching for data was slow; issue identified and fixed.
  • The Open Deadline field for units was not populating in some reporting screens; issue fixed.