Zorzees Version 2.13

Performance is the name of the game in version 2.13 of our platform. We sped up our Reporting screens with more performance enhancements coming in Q1 2023. Version 2.13 was packed with other small enhancements and bug fixes below. We hope to see you at the IFA conference in Las Vegas in February!

Core Product Enhancements

  • Added numerous headings on units and locations to make identifying content easier — this will be very important as we roll more clients on to the beta version of our software.
  • Further enhanced beta panels by dedicating notes in the right column.
  • Added merge tag to immediately view profile for notifications to profile updates.
  • Zees and area developers can now access their units’ employee profiles
  • Changed “info” to “summary” for units to more accurately reflect what the tab is.
  • Increased default font size on Reporting page.
  • Further automated billing to provide details around monthly invoices.
  • Added onboarding checklists for internal users.

Franchise + Sell

  • Now allowing no default lead owner for areas, meaning the brand’s default lead owner will be used in any case where a lead owner is not specified.

Grow + Earn

  • Removed ability for zees to Disconnect their business from ACH — will require franchisor granting.
  • For clients using Booker as POS, set up alerts for any disconnected servers.
  • Clarified document requirements when enrolling a business in ACH payments — some require JPG, some require PDF.
  • Automated failed ACH fee on a per transaction basis.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where download icons were not enabled as links on Operations pages.
  • Fixed issue where franchise news was not accessible by both news list links.
  • Fixed layout issue of franchising progress bar for “Let’s Talk” step.
  • Removed irrelevant “publish” box on Payments page.
  • Corrected Dwolla time stamps on ACH enrollments to be client-centric.
  • Fixed bug where revenue reports were beginning at calendar year start date instead of first date of actual revenue.
  • Fixed issue where royalties could not be recalculated from the unit page in some cases.
  • Fixed issue where responsive grids were not laying out correctly.