Zorzees Version 2.12

The theme for this pre-holiday release is streamlining operations. We included a number of internal enhancements to make it easier to manage our clients’ billing, which leaves more time to help with anything else they need. Have a great rest of 2022 everyone, and we will see you in 2023!

Core Product Enhancements

  • We now have the capability to provide invoice summaries by invoice category, making it much easier to understand any bills.
  • All pages from our reporting screen now launch with the same browser tab to simplify the user experience.
  • Unit owner phone numbers and email address are now available as exportable columns in our reporting instead of viewing the phone/email on the profiles or contact screens.
  • We released a beta version of our new user panels — this is the future of our software — and we are ecstatic to open up the functionality to a few friendly clients.
  • Document uploads to any part of the product can now trigger email alerts to anyone. This was available previously, but we now provide more granular control over which documents can trigger alerts and who can receive them.

Franchise + Sell

  • We added franchisee as a referral lead source.

Grow + Earn

  • Plaid Integration — we released an integration with banking authentication provider Plaid. It is now even easier for clients to enroll their businesses in ACH payments and directly sync up their bank accounts through our technology. Simply select your bank and provide your credentials on our Plaid interface — Plaid does the rest to bring in all of your account information. You then select which account to use for payment transfers.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where incorrect user data was being pulled in on some history tabs.
  • Added line breaks to support ticket requests.
  • The merchant ID is now validating for clients using Mind and Body’s Booker POS system.
  • Our guided product tours were disabled temporarily due to an integration upgrade that was pending — this is now live and tours are back.
  • Exporting reports as CSV’s are now preserving column order and showing owner names instead of IDs.