Zorzees Version 2.11

Increased security and CRM enhancements will be taking center stage in the next few releases for Zorzees. In V2.11 which released today, we unified our login pages to reduce the risk of malicious attacks on our product and began fixing finding from third-party security assessments.

CRM Enhancements

  • New instructions provide more clear directions for prospects about to digitally acknowledge they received the FDD or complete the full prospect application.
  • Outbound SMS messages and phone calls to/from prospects are now automatically captured in the prospect history.
  • Improved the legibility of embedded FDDs as PDFs for anyone who zooms via their browser controls.
  • A prospects net worth is now automatically calculated along with total assets, total liabilities and income sources — no more math!

Security Enhancements

  • A new, unified login page provides fewer entry points for malicious attackers.
  • During ACH enrollment, we’ve now added Plaid as an extra layer of security between the Zorzees platform and our users’ bank accounts. It’s a superior user experience, and our users are becoming more familiar with Plaid each day as they increase their market penetration.

Other Enhancements

  • Standardized the way users are created in the platform across all user creation screens so that first name, last name, and email address will be forever consistent.
  • Royalty collection tables now include the period (next, current, last) for the royalty or fee in order to assist with reporting.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where resetting a passphrase twice in a row would catch a user in an endless loop.
  • Fixed issue where full application sent date was not always captured.
  • Fixed issue where updates to applications were not appearing in user/application history.
  • Fixed issue where green check mark was showing for bank accounts even though the bank account was not validated yet.