zorzees version 2.10

Zorzees V2.10 is especially exciting for Franchise Sales CRM users. They can now send outbound drip campaigns via SMS text messages! This large feature is in pilot mode for the next month prior to a general release for all lead owners. Stay tuned for an update from your Client Success Manager for the timing on when you can be onboarded to the feature.


  • CRM Enhancements
    • SMS drip campaigns! This feature has been requested by many CRM users, and we are excited to roll it out in a limited capacity for the next 30 days in pilot mode. Broader roll out coming soon.
    • SMS notifications via email. Lead owners are now notified via email when a prospect replies via SMS text message to their drip campaign using the Zorzees mobile phone number. Keeps your personal phone number private.
    • Brand-specific outgoing voicemail message. For prospect who dial a lead owner’s Zorzees phone number, we’ve created a standard outgoing voicemail message that includes the brand’s name. It informs the prospect that replying directly via SMS instead of voice is preferred and that voicemail will not be recorded.
    • Lead Progress Bar – Quickly scan your leads with an easy-to-see visual indicator to know their progress.
    • Full Application at Any Time – Lead owners can now trigger the full application at any time in the lead flow instead of requiring it prior to sending the FDD.
    • Better UX. When FDDs are made available to existing users of our platform, it is now easier to access the FDD with a large notification on login. The style of drop-down menus on the Item 23 receipt is now large for an improved user experience. When the FDD and full application are sent at one time, now only one email is sent to the prospect letting them know to complete their full application.
    • Improved tracking. The date full applications are sent to prospects are now tracked in the platform under the prospect’s history.
  • Platform now provides the ability to send unlimited attachments in system-generated alerts.
  • The user profile has been simplified to keep it as user-friendly as possible.
  • Updated default field styles to make them more user-friendly across the entire platform for any public-facing website pages.
  • Brand-specific unit types are now reflected on the prospect confirmation page by default.
  • Improved experience for prospects who have lost their passphrase or are logging in for the first time.
  • Negative transactions are now indicated with parentheses for simpler, quicker scanning of any deposits that are reconciled.
  • Zorzees.com website received some minor facelift items to make it easier to learn about our service offering.
  • Check our new Zorzees.com “What’s Happening” section to get the latest socials, blogs and product updates from Zorzees. We look forward to continuing our accelerated growth this year!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where search was not working on some reporting screens.
  • Fixed issue where “undefined” was visible in a number of fields on export from reports.
  • Fixed issue where in some cases links were the wrong color in emails.