Zorzees Version 2.8

Zorzees V2.8 released today, with improvements to our integration with POS provider Square and a number of bug fixes.


  • Enhanced Square POS integration for royalty collection so fixed-rate royalty clients can pull down daily net revenue numbers any Square business.
  • Enhanced the handling of client privacy policy sign-off when prospects are e-signing the FDD receipt to account for a privacy policy and a separate terms of service.
  • The historical change log of a unit now includes the person who made the change, in addition to the historical record of changes that were made.
  • We enhanced the logic for sending FDD reminders to prospects who have begun the FDD receipt signing process for more a personalized drip sequence to encourage e-signing.

Bug Fixes

  • Quiz results were hidden on user profiles, which have now returned.
  • New users added from the backend are now added to learning groups correctly based upon role.
  • File fields that had disappeared on user profiles from a recent update are now re-added.