Zorzees Version 2.6

Boom! 2.6 released today, loaded with a full set of client-requested features to further streamline the franchisee and new employee onboarding process. Lots of bug fixes, too. More goodness coming soon. 🙂


  • Add course completion emails to franchisees, ARs, and managers when anyone attached to a unit completes a course.
  • Added ability to track the history of all prospects in the Franchise Sales CRM.
  • Now provide franchisees the ability to add/remove staff directly from each unit.
  • The Zorzees product Welcome tour can now be launched at any time from the Reporting screen by clicking Support.
  • Product Welcome tour now includes the client’s logo, creating a more special first-time experience.
  • Created easier access to prior versions of FDDs that were esigned by prospects, but then updated due to document typos.
  • ACH transaction IDs are now hidden since the unique Z-ID is included on all ACH transactions.
  • For the public website, we now provide the ability to set a custom photo for the location card that is different than the location’s main location photo.
  • Improved design elements of the Product Welcome Tour.
  • Provided ability to add the franchise inquiry form to locations for brands interested in gathering franchising inquiries through public location pages.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where address on Reporting screens were linking to unit instead of location.
  • Fixed issue where Open Date was not sorting correctly on the Reporting screen.
  • Fixed issue where Zip Code was not returned on unit reporting screen for some locations.
  • Fixed issue where some clients could not send a prospect the Full Application prior to sending the FDD.
  • In some cases, for invalid deposits due to NSFs and other reasons, the reconciliation transaction was reconciled twice. That issue is solved.
  • In some cases, saving data was resulting in a timeout. Optimized saving this data.
  • For some clients, in rare cases the leads tab would not be hidden in the reporting area. This issue is fixed.