Zorzees Version 2.5

This evening we released version 2.5 of Zorzees, which includes a number of smaller enhancements and bug fixes across many different areas of our product. Enjoy!


  • Very excited to add our new product welcome tour for first-time users.
  • In the payments area, now include the unit number of any units excluded from that week/month of fees calculating to help with easier tracking of royalty anomalies.
  • In the CRM, all lead grids now filter by the Short Form date, giving you a quick view by category with the most recent leads sorted at top. Any column can be clicked to sort by other data.
  • Laid foundation for creating public-facing pages for area reps/master franchisees.
  • All links from the main Reporting screen now stay within the same browser tab, aligning with best UX practice for Web software. Click Reporting in the left menu to access your default product landing page.
  • Laid foundation for franchisees to manage their own employees through their unit page.
  • Our internal data history now includes logging for any/all ACH-related events including updates and transactions.
  • For ACH transactions, invalid deposits and their respective reconciliations will now include additional details around the unit, franchisee, and AR responsible for the transaction.

Bug Fixes

  • In the CRM, the Active filter is now accurately counting/revealing all leads. Some leads were filtered out unnecessarily in the previous version of Zorzees.
  • Fixed bug where the Support form was not working from the Reporting screen.
  • Hid bullets in left nav of help site for better UX.
  • Fixed issue where some user events were not logged in our history.