Zorzees Version 2.4

There is some exciting news today in Zorzees world as we released version 2.4 which primarily focuses on increased reliability of the main reporting screens as well as adding further transparency around the status of any ACH transactions that failed due to franchisee or area representative issues. A slew of other enhancements and bug fixes were packaged up as well.


  • Added new default “Right of First Refusal” field on the Deal tab for all CRM clients
  • Passing more information on the Welcome Tour to make it personalized per franchise brand
  • Increased speed of indexing data to expedite software releases
  • Now logging all updates to role capabilities
  • Now sorting all leads from most recent to most distant on all lead reporting screens in CRM
  • Clarified column header of “Viewed FDD” to “Viewed FDD Intro” to make it more representative of what it actually is
  • Invalid deposits now include reason codes so clients can see an explanation for why franchisee or area representative transaction was invalid
  • For clients on 1-2 day ACH transfers, in cases where royalties/fees are transferred as invalid deposits, system will now automatically claw back those dollars from the franchisor to return the deposit to Dwolla Balance
  • For administrators initiating manual ACH transactions, confirmation page now redirects to list of all ACH transactions
  • Exporting the ACH spreadsheet now includes additional data columns to assist clients importing into Quickbooks and other financial software
  • For financial administrators, Cancel link is no longer appears on transactions that are already in flight and cannot be canceled.

Bug Fixes

  • Area Representative label was reverting back to default instead of client-specific label
  • Fixed issue where Reporting screen was not publishing Recent Activity date of users
  • Some read-only files could have files uploaded; removed capability
  • Collaboration invitation was not sending in some instances; solved
  • Some SEO data such as social graph was not being saved on some pages
  • Next date/step were not appearing in the CRM in some cases
  • Lead owner field was not appearing consistently in some cases on Reporting screen
  • Waiting Period Over eligibility is now set to false by default
  • Franchisors could not download Excel files of ACH data; small bug fix enabled this feature